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What I love about Sarah is her love of people. She LOVES how rich, complex, unique, absurd, and delightful we all are. She is able to illuminate both the wisdom and the neurosis behind each of the predominate dynamics in our lives. She works with such joy and compassion. My sessions with her have literally changed my life – and I don’t mean that in a Hallmark kind of overly-dramatic way. I mean that she has helped me to learn about myself and empower myself to understand how I approach situations… how I relate to my life… in ways that might be different than others, but that I may have taken for granted as my only option. Re- garding tendencies and habits in which I’ve felt stuck or trapped, Sarah has worked with me to SEE ways of working with those tendencies and habits to benefit both myself and others. She is open, straight-forward, com- passionate, and tuned-in. Whenever I feel confused in how to proceed with, something, or when my life feels unnecessarily complicated and stuck, I make an appointment with Sarah. She brings deep spiritual understanding, which blends with simple useful language to communicate to the heart of who we are.

The term “astrology” carries with it often misleading connotations, evoking images of a “far out” predictive kind of fortune telling. I was the skeptic of all skeptics before I worked with Sarah. The truth is, we come into this world with patterns. Patterns of behavior, energy, and power. And often times the unique skills and passions we carry are intimately linked with these patterns, which have the potential to be either constructive or destructive, depending on how we navigate them. Sarah has a rare gift of teasing out and helping to clarify the patterns and energetic strongholds we possess.

Sarah McCarron Actor and Writer, LA

A truly opening to your soul and unique essential being.

The intuition, precise insights and sensitivity of Sarah Barab is beyond words.

I have worked with shamans and readers around the globe and I’ve never met someone that can align, integrate and fully embody Astrology, Psychology, Energy healing , Self Empowerment and Honesty like Sarah Barah does.

A reading with her will be one of the most worthy and transformative sessions you can experience in this earthy realm.

NACHO ARIMANY Composer, Sound Alchemist and Musician for the Brain

Sarah Barab literally transformed my relationship to body. Beyond simple prescriptions for weight loss, Sarah helped me discover my own inspiration to embrace a nutrition and exercise regimen that reflected my values and life priorities. Sarah’s inside-out approach to lifestyle change really worked for me. While I easily dropped 20 pounds to reach my ideal weight, more importantly I learned to value and enjoy preparing and eating healthy meals and taking care of my body through regular exercise. Sarah is an amazing teacher and practitioner of healthy nutrition, yoga, mindfulness and astrology. I highly recommend Sarah’s holistic approach to wellness healthy lifestyle change.

“I’m thoroughly convinced after spending fourteen years in prison with murderers, rapists, bank robbers, child molesters, tax dodgers, drug dealers and every sort of criminal imaginable, that the fundamental nature of all human beings is good. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind.”

Fleet Maull Dharma Teacher and Author

I initially came to Sarah for a reading several years ago following a strange whim and it turned out to be one of the most dramatically life-altering decisions I have ever made. Her accuracy and new insights into my personality and inner drives via my natal chart and transit reading helped assure and embolden me to make some major life-changing decisions that I am eternally thankful for. As a long time astrology enthusiast, I was so inspired and impressed by her skills and knowledge that I became determined to study with her and learn everything I could from her. Sarah has been and continues to be an integral, invaluable and irreplaceable teacher, mentor, counselor and friend. I wholeheartedly encourage all who are even mildly interested to take advantage of her sage counsel, intuitive and empathetic ear, and deeply transformative ocean of knowledge.

Maysa Khedr Youth Mental Health Counselor

If you want a private Astrology session with the most powerful beacon of light in the cosmos, Sarah Barab is the one. Take it from a certifiable psychic, astrology, palm reader junky of the highest order. I have literally been to them all, and I have an overdrawn bank account to prove it. Sarah is far and away the most precise, ingenious astrologer in my Rolodex!

Karliin Mann Founder of The Squeeze

I wasn’t a believer in astrology until I met Sarah. Her assessments were very specific and spot-on, despite her having no information about me other than my birthdate/time. She also provided helpful guidance regarding how to plan out the upcoming year, and how to interpret certain events. A real eye-opener.

A. Sanchez Artist

After having taken my first meditation class with Sarah, my life started to move at lightning speed. The way Sarah teaches meditation is SO simple, straight forward, authentic, and down to earth, that I just GET it. Through her gentle, loving, genuine and supportive guidance, I was able to overcome many self limitations rather quickly. The way I’ve been able to dig into my mind and emotions, and to finally have the faith to face my fears with confidence and courage, has truly been a profound experience for me. I know the tools that I have learned from Sarah will always guide me forward in the best way possible and for that I am eternally grateful.

If you want a meditation teacher who truly loves you for who you are, sees the best in you even when you don’t see it yourself, and is not afraid to be honest with you when you need to hear it the most, then Sarah is the one for you.

Vita Ng Web & Graphic Designer

As a meditation newbie, I often got frustrated during my practice and felt like I just didn’t “get it”. While learning on my own, I was constantly fighting my own expectations of what I felt meditation was suppose be. After taking the Meditation Workshop with Sarah, I walked away with so much knowledge, clarity and appreciation about the work. Through her guidance, I finally understood the goal and something clicked in me – I finally “got it”. Sarah is super knowledgeable and succinctly explains everything in a simple manner. What I love most about Sarah is her calming presence. Being around her instantly puts you at ease and allows you to open up. Her voice is so soothing, you can’t help but want to meditate when she’s talking. I walked every sessions feeling more centered, calm, and relaxed. Now when I practice meditating on my own, I’m beginning to notice a transformation in my self-awareness and how I experience my own reality. I definitely plan on taking more Meditation Workshops with Sarah.

Tina W.

Sarah’s reading was the most powerful I’ve experienced. It wasn’t just a reading, it actually felt like a healing. When I left I had the physical feeling like I’d cried and cried for hours but actually I’d barely cried at all – maybe just a couple of tears. It felt like a huge release had occurred. My mind was very still, body felt heavy and slow but peaceful and relaxed. I was very quiet and didn’t feel like talking for hours after. Many people can read but Sarah has a gift that reaches beyond the chart and it has changed me to this day. This was a totally unexpected experience but one for which I am deeply grateful.

Yolanda Australia Furniture Import

My astrology readings with Sarah are always such a delight! They have allowed me to connect with parts of myself that I may not have been able to make sense of before and have provided clarity, which in turn helps me take back the power in my life. Thanks, Sarah!

Monica Rosario

I went to Sarah’s meditation class as my sister recommended. I had been very depressed for last two years since my husband passed away and the particular meditation that I had been doing for last 10 years wasn’t helping me much.

It was the first time for me to try Tibetan meditation and I was skeptical that it would help me in any way.  During the session Sarah guided us to feel all the emotions we were feeling and make them rise up. I was very afraid to follow her instructions because I had been taught to deny and disregard emotions in the other meditation practice I had been following. However, something about Sarah gave me the assurance that I could trust her. I could felt her big heart and compassion in her voice.

As soon as I let my emotions rise up, it felt like a volcano eruption. All the sadness I had been suppressing came up. My heart was hurting so badly, I thought it was going to tear open. Sarah continued to guide us and told us to breathe into the body parts where we were feeling our emotions. I cried, cried and cried some more. I was no longer in shame to cry and at the end of the session I felt so light, as light as a feather. I hadn’t felt that way for a long time. Then, I realized that I hadn’t been connected to my own emotions for my whole life. I had always suppressed my feelings as I thought that was the only way to live.

Learning that it is absolutely O.K. to feel the emotions I feel and also being able to meditate over them created a lot of freedom. It was so different from what I had learned before but it really worked for me.  As I released more sadness during the following month after the meditation, I got to realize that there were many different ways of living and I don’t have to be tied to just one way. So now I am up and about traveling, making new friends and creating fun things in my life. I still miss my husband terribly and cry often but I am not staying depressed any more. I can carry on with my life.

I am amazed by how much the meditation transformed me. I thank Sarah for being the loving and compassionate person she is and the life saving lesson she taught me.

Ellie K.

After practicing Tonglen in Sarah’s meditation class, I instantly gained a new perspective towards myself and those around me. I was no longer relating to my friends and family as the struggles they had but rather the positive emotions or conditions I gave them through my meditation. The stress and ache I had on my shoulders miraculously lifted. I noticed that my friends and family were also happier.

It’s been over a month since I’ve taken the meditation class and what I’ve learned in the class is still working in my life. I use the technique in the subway, at work, and at home often. What’s available for me after using the meditation technique is certainly the instant peace of mind and being present to my love for myself and others.

Nicole K.

Sarah has beautiful insights into one’s life through the lens of astrology.

She has helped me in my individual sessions through looking at life from a different perspective. With the help of astrological information, she is able to guide her clients in taking steps in their lives in light. It is truly empowering. In my readings, her guidance has led the way for me several times. I often quote her and remember her insights around specific issues.

In our couples session she was able to bring to light my relationship dynamics with my husband, which when compared in our charts, gave a perspective of how we are inherently wired and how we could leverage that in our day to day. It increased our level of acceptance with one another and it also highlighted how we could live our lives optimally. It particularly illuminated our old unhealthy patterns so that we could let go in order to live a light-filled marriage.

Sarah gives so much in her readings that it takes me months to digest the information. I often experience her wisdom ringing in my ears for long periods of time. I feel my “aha moments” much later on when I am reminded of her wisdom and insights.


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