Forecast Visions For 2016: Saturn Square Neptune

In a forest there sits a an old man with a long white beard and an hour glass. (Saturn) He measures time and is acutely aware of mortality, impermanence, form and human limitations. Recently he came into contact with Neptune, the Goddess of the abstract waters of art, spirituality, visions, ideals and deception. They can not entirely understand each other as they speak very different languages, but they are deeply aware of each other nonetheless at this time. They each feel compelled to work together for the greater good of humanity. They sense that they need the gifts the other possesses. Saturn potentially can put Neptune’s visions into concrete reality-building the ideals, turning artistic vision into actual form, putting spiritual aims and compassion into practice. Neptune potentially can spiritualize and beautify Saturn’s obsession with the rational and the mundane, elevating form into sacred building. Neptune infuses divine longing into all things. Together they can manifest the etherial, the formless, the heart longings of the collective. Saturn brings it all down to earth-measurable facts.

How are all of us being affected by this transit?

This is a time to make your dreams come true. Actualize your vision of what’s possible through pleasure, art, beauty, kindness and discipline. Make it real. Build it!

Add structure and timelines to your dreams. Reach beyond the scope of your personal needs and desires and dare to care about the wishes and needs of the collective. Meeting the needs of other’s at this time will feel far sweeter than being a slave to your own ego. Let lose into the freedom and joy that comes from practicing a form. This is where discipline becomes joy. The dance of freedom. Form is emptiness, emptiness is form. Contemplate that. Produce art, complete projects, start meditating, perform acts of service to others. This is how to work best with with the powerful energies of Saturn square Neptune in 2016

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