What planets will align on Dec. 21 2012

dragonsmallThe supposed major planetary alignment on the winter solstice of 2012 is more hype than fact. The earth, the sun and the galactic center (the black hole in the center of the milky way), will align, but that alignment happens twice per year every year and so far, it hasn’t caused the end of the world. The winter solstice Sun will rise in the galactic center, which is a special event and may be symbolic of a sort of return: Coming home, returning to the center, to the heart, but I don’t think this alignment will cause anything like Armageddon. I do think it could mark the beginning of a “spiritual return.” It is the end of a 26,000 year age according to the Mayans.

Many interesting planetary changes are happening in 2012. 3 planets will change signs and Pluto will Square Uranus from 2012 until 2015.

Neptune, the planet of spiritual awakening, the collective unconscious, music, art, compassion, empathy, idealism and escapism, victim-hood, lack of boundaries, savior and redeemer will go into it’s own sign-Pisces. I believe this will mark a time when people will feel a general pull toward spiritual awakening, looking into the deeper meaning of life and will no longer be content with their lives being used up in the pursuit of acquiring material wealth and chasing after the illusion of security. The more pessimistic outcome of Neptune moving into Pisces could be an ever-growing number of religious fanatics and more problems with water- tsunamis and other natural disasters related with
water, oil spills into the oceans as well as plastic and other waste products continuing to be dumped into the oceans. Fresh clean water sources may become dangerously scarce and we are certainly going to run out of fish in the near future!

Saturn will move into Scorpio, which will mark an increased awareness about government financial deception and the banks and corporate covert goings on in regards to government bailouts and tax payers money. Fraud, debt and the like will certainly increase. It won’t be a good time to sell real estate. Great time to grow your own veggies and be as self-sufficient as possible. There will likely be an increase in border control, making it tougher for immigrants to come into this country or any other 1st world country for that matter, and individual rights may be tampered with/controlled. We may sadly lose some of our Internet freedom. Air travel may also become more difficult, controlled and paranoid.

Jupiter will move into Gemini, marking an increase in communication technology (I know, even more and faster communication is possible???). Yes!

It is my hope, that this will also mark the beginning of an evolutionary age of the mind. We may begin exploring the potential of the human mind and collective consciousness. Things like visualizing thoughts/aspirations into reality will perhaps become more mainstream and less esoteric. The Law of Attraction (what you think about you manifest) may be taught in schools in the not so distant future. Awareness of the power of the mind, meditation and directed, focused intention may be widely, collectively recognized. We may begin to experiment with this unbelievable power of consciousness we have been using only a tiny fraction of. Communication, ideas, the Internet, teaching, learning and community will become increasingly important.

The square between Uranus and Pluto is quite significant. The last time these heavy hitter planets lined up was 1965/66 with the birth of free love, women’s liberation, war protests, equal rights, the birth control pill, the breakdown of the rigid social structures and political systems to make way for an exploration of liberation and a
beautiful collective vision of peace and living in harmony. Now, 44 years later, we will have the next intense meeting of these 2 planets-this time in square aspect and in different signs. Freedom loving, technology-inventing, humanitarian Uranus is in the revolutionary sign of Aries(Fighting for freedom) squaring destructive, transformational and powerful Pluto in Capricorn (traditional structures, political systems, powers that be). Simply put it looks like a meltdown of political and corporate power structures, through revolutionary protests and fighting for individual rights and freedom. Not without a lot of pain and struggle, but this may be a while in the making. The square between Pluto and Uranus will end in 2015. There will undoubtedly be a great deal of change around government and traditional social structures of all kinds.

How will this alignment effect the world?

I think we are feeling the planetary changes now and have been seeing a lot of changes in governments all over the world and of course natural disasters in 2011. I don’t think there will be one particular peak moment where everyone realizes-“ah this it it! The change is here and now. As Pluto moves into a closer square with Uranus, and
will become exact this June and September 2012, the political changes may become increasingly obvious. At this point government deception has been plenty aired and the public is on to fact that the cat is nearly completely out of the bag! Who knows exactly what that entails. Just how deeply has our government been lying to us? Stay tuned. The ugly truth should be revealed in 2012.

Are there any planets now that are building up to this alignment if so howdoes it effect us now?

People have been talking about the Aquarius age for a while, I would love some clarity on that. Are we in the Aquarius age if so  what does that mean and how does that impact the world? There is controversy about the actual beginning and ends of the astrological “Ages.” It is my belief that we are indeed in the beginning of the Aquarian age and I have a lot of hope about this age. We are coming out of an extremely religious dualistic Piscean Age, where notions like original sin and good and evil deeply seeped into society and shaped our paradigm. Like it or not we have Judeao-Christian cultural indoctrination, but that is really changing now. This new Aquarian age is already and will continue to be marked by technological advancements having to do with communications, Internet, nano-technology, etc but I also think it will be a more humanitarian, participatory, community-oriented, socially independent (as in get the hell off the grid and fast) , consciousness- evolving time. It very well may be the age of wisdom and consciousness. That is my visualization for what’s ahead. We are all participating in creating the collective reality, therefore, what we think about actually matters as we are all artists in this human project of evolution. In the Aquarian age, evolution is speeding up exponentially, there will be psychic breakthroughs, greater understanding of what consciousness is, deep explorations and scientific breakthroughs regarding the brain and the mind and how we can take the next step-the leap really, into the unknown together.

Do your part: Meditate, work on yourself, notice your thoughts, do your best to be kind. Dream a good dream for the sake of the collective dream which becomes reality.

Thank you,
Sarah Barab

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